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Member Benefits // Loyalty Points

The UTSA Athletics Loyalty Points Program is a ranking system that creates a fair and equitable manner for recognizing RAF donors. The Loyalty Points system prioritizes donors for the allocation of football season ticket and parking options, postseason and away game opportunities, as well as special events.

Loyalty Points are earned through your generous support of the RAF and UTSA Athletics. A current year annual gift is required to activate your Loyalty Points for any events or programs where Loyalty Points are used for ranking and allocation. Over time, Loyalty Points will allow UTSA Athletics to prioritize certain benefits to donors who give consistently for unrestricted (RAF, Annual Giving) and/or restricted (sport specific, endowments, capital gifts) gifts.

How Do I Earn Loyalty Points?

Donors to the RAF can earn Loyalty Points on an annual and one-time basis. Points are awarded by the following:

2 points

for every $100 donated to the RAF during the current giving year (includes all gifts, i.e. unrestricted, sport specific, capital projects and endowment giving.)

2 points

for each consecutive 1 year of season ticket purchases for Football, Men’s/Women’s Basketball. (Maximum of 4 points annually per household can be earned)

1 point

for every $100 of cumulative past giving to the RAF

1 point

for every new member referral to the RAF during current year. (New donor must indicate referred name on membership form.)

3 points 2

for renewing your RAF membership by 110% or more

5 points 2

for increasing your RAF membership by one giving level or more

Bonus Points

2 points

for current UTSA Alumni Association Member

5 points

for current UTSA Alumni Association Lifetime Member

10 points

for Student-Athlete Society member (former/current student-athlete)

Loyalty Points Example

Type of Gift Gift Points   Points Earned
Current Annual Gift $500 ($100 × 2 pts.) = 10 points
Cumulative lifetime giving (past gifts) $4,200 ($100 × 1 pt.) = 42 points
Consecutive years of football and women’s basketball season tickets 3 years (2 pts. × 2 sports × years) = 12 points
Lifetime member of UTSA Alumni Association one-time bonus (1 × 5 pts.) = 5 points
RAF Referrals 2 referrals (No. of referrals ÷ 1 pt.) = 2 points
Total     = 71 points

1 Consecutive refers to continuous years of contributing and/or purchasing season tickets, regardless of the number of tickets. The calculation for points for consecutive years giving to the RAF begins with the most recent year and counts backwards.

Missed years will result in a loss of consecutive year status and points earned. The RAF giving calendar is September 1–August 31. Loyalty Points are calculated on the fiscal year basis and engagement opportunities will be available for the following academic/athletic year calendar. For Loyalty Points to count toward priority seating for football, gifts must be made by April 15.

2 Points are calculated after August 31 of each fiscal year.

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