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UTSA Men's Baseball

Tickets and Parking // Season Tickets FAQ

  1. Is a donation included in my football season ticket purchase?
    A donation to the RAF is included in football season tickets that are located in the Founders, Premier, VIP and Charter sections as well as Luxury Suites. However, for season ticket holders located in the Reserved, Family Pack and Upper Level sections, you are welcome to add a donation to the RAF at any time, including during your ticket purchase. Please contact the RAF at 210-458-4665 for more information.
  2. I would like to improve my seat location for my football season tickets. How do I upgrade my seats?
    All RAF members are welcome to request different seating during the preseason renewal process. If seats are available in the seating level and section, requests will be granted in order of Loyalty Points. Please contact the UTSA Ticket Office at 210-458-UTSA for more information.
  3. How do I add seats to my football season ticket purchase?
    During the season ticket renewal process, please note the total number of tickets you would like to order in the quantity column on the renewal form or during your call to a season ticket representative. Indicate seating preferences for the additional seats and/or your preferences to move so you may have all of your seats located together. Please be advised that these are only requests. Requests will be filled based on the Loyalty Points system and availability of seats in the requested areas.
  4. Why is there a renewal deadline for football season tickets?
    The renewal deadline allows us to provide a timeline for existing season ticket holders to renew their previous year seats. The deadline also enables the ticket office to review seats available for reallocation to existing season ticket holders requesting changes and determine what seats can be sold to new season ticket holders. Once the renewal deadline has passed and all existing season ticket holders have been seated, new season ticket buyers will be able to select their seats.
  5. How can I request to sit with my friends?
    During the purchasing process for season tickets, please indicate the names and account numbers of the individuals you would like to be seated with when completing an order form or request form. All parties must indicate their desire to be seated together and make the same request on their respective forms. Important Note: When allocating seats for parties wishing to sit together, the location will be based on the party with the lowest Loyalty Point total. It is also suggested that each party within the group has their own ticket and RAF account.
  6. Can tickets or account history, such as Loyalty Points be transferable?
    Loyalty Points totals are non-transferable unless you are transferring them to a spouse or domestic partner. If a transfer occurs, the new ticket holder is responsible for all contributions associated with the account in order to maintain tickets.