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Member Benefits // Loyalty Points Loyalty Poins FAQ

  1. How can I improve my Loyalty Points ranking for football season tickets?
    There are several ways annually to accumulate additional Loyalty Points. Increasing your donation through participation in the 110% Club or One More Step program will result in a higher number of Loyalty Points. You may also join the Alumni Association, refer new members or purchase season tickets in other ticketed sports. All contributions must be received by the ticket renewal deadline to count toward your Loyalty Points total for the 2013 UTSA Football season.
  2. How are my Loyalty Points affected if I do not make a donation or purchase season tickets during the current giving year?
    If a donor to the RAF has accumulated Loyalty Points for gifts and/ or season ticket purchases in 2012 or before, but does not make a donation or purchase season tickets in the 2013 donor year, he/she will not have an active account to receive Loyalty Points. Once a gift is made, the Loyalty Points will be activated and Loyalty Points will be recalculated for previous years’ giving.
  3. I have been buying season tickets with someone else and pay them for my portion of the tickets. Will I receive Loyalty Points if I tell the RAF?
    Unfortunately, no. Each donor and/or season ticket holder should maintain his or her own account if you wish to receive full Loyalty Points benefits.
  4. Can I combine Loyalty Points with another person?
    Yes. Loyalty Points may be combined, however, at a maximum of two individuals per household. When combined, exclusive invitations to special events will be limited to two individuals per household.
  5. How do Loyalty Points affect parking for football games?
    Parking for football games are included in the purchase of Luxury Suites, Founders and Premier Level season ticket holders. Season ticket holders sitting in other sections may request parking with a minimum donation of $125 to the RAF. If a parking lot for football is at capacity, Loyalty Points will determine the order in which donors receive a parking pass. Based upon availability, all requests may not be accommodated.