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About RAF // Giving FAQs

  1. How can I become a RAF member and who is eligible to join?
    Anyone who is passionate about UTSA Athletics is eligible to become a member. Please refer to the benefits structure on page 10 for the giving levels and suggested amounts. To make a gift or pledge, please contact the RAF offices at 210-458-4483 or fill out the attached giving form.
  2. What portion of my donation goes towards student-athlete scholarships and academic support?
    One hundred percent.
  3. Is my contribution to the RAF tax deductible?
    Yes. All gifts to the RAF are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please refer to page 9 for tax deductibility with athletics gifts and/or consult your tax advisor. You will receive a gift receipt from UTSA for tax purposes.
  4. What is the difference between a restricted gift and an unrestricted gift?
    An unrestricted RAF annual gift supports all 17 intercollegiate sports and benefits student-athlete scholarships. A restricted contribution is made to a sport-specific fund, a capital project or an endowment.
  5. Can I open a pledge for my annual RAF contribution?
    Yes. You may open a pledge to pay your RAF contribution in installments. The “Your Way” Program allows you to choose how you would like to structure and spread out your payments for membership. (Weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). You may choose to use your credit card, banking account or payroll deduction (for UTSA staff and faculty).
  6. When is my annual contribution due?
    Your commitment is due by August 31. However, to enjoy the benefits of the football season, all gifts must be given by the ticket renewal deadline each year.
  7. I make gifts to other areas in the university. Do I receive athletic benefits and Loyalty Points for those gifts?
    Contributions to other areas of UTSA do not earn Loyalty Points or other benefits involving Athletics. Loyalty Points are earned by donors who make a gift directly to UTSA Athletics. RAF benefits are earned exclusively by donors who provide gifts to the RAF.
  8. How does my donation to the RAF help my seating at away football and postseason games and other special events?
    With the move into Conference US A, UTSA fans have the opportunity to purchase tickets to away football games and postseason events involving UTSA. From time to time, there are also special offers to Roadrunner fans that might be occurring at the Alamodome, UTSA and/or surrounding venues. Seating priority for these events is based on your Loyalty Points total and if you have season tickets in the sport of the special event.