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UTSA Student-Athlete Society presents... // 2016 Former Student-Athlete Challenge

UTSA Athletics and the Student-Athlete Society (official organization of former and current UTSA student-athletes) has initiated the UTSA 2016 Former Student-Athlete Challenge, which ran from May 1, 2016 to August 31, 2016. The initiative was a battle between all 17 UTSA varsity programs and the spirit squad.

This year's winner is Women's Golf who obtained the winning percent of 66%. Men's Golf came in second at 36% and Football in third at 9%. 

The purpose of this challenge was to have UTSA former student-athletes make a donation of any amount back to UTSA Athletics. There are three ways to participate:

  • Donate to your sport program
  • Donate to student-athlete scholarships
  • Purchase donor level season tickets for UTSA Football

To make a donation, click here. You can make a donation by phone, contact Victor Yates at 210-458-6333 or by email at

The Women's Golf program was awarded $5,000 towards its operating budget. To see the percentage of UTSA former student-athlete participation please view the graph below. 


 145 Former Student-Athletes participated in the Former Student-Athlete Challenge. 

About the Challenge

  1. How can I help my team win?
    Any former student-athlete who makes a gift towards UTSA Athletics, in any dollar amount, by August 31, 2016 will be counted in the challenge. The team with the highest participation rate wins.
  2. How do I designate my gift online towards the sport that I participated with?
    To contribute to the program that you participated with, click on the drop box next to the designation and select other, and then on the space below the drop box type in the program that you want to support. Once a Roadrunner, always a Roadrunner - support your team today!
  3. What if I buy football season tickets?
    Donations to the RAF can be made through any UTSA football season tickets that have a donation tied into them.
  4. Do gifts made prior to the launch of the competition count towards the challenge?
    Yes, all gifts made towards UTSA Athletics dating back to September 1, 2015 will be included.
  5. If a former student-athlete gives to another program other than the one he/she participated in, who gets the credit? For example: if a men's basketball player wants to give towards the women's basketball program who gets credit for that gift?
    The program in which the former student-athlete participated in will receive credit. In the above scenario, men's basketball would receive credit. For a former student-athlete who participated on multiple teams (i.e., track & field and basketball), all sports in which the former student-athlete participated would receive credit.
  6. If two former student-athletes are married, what sports program will be credited with participating?
    Both programs will receive credit.
  7. What qualifies as a former student-athlete at UTSA?
    Anyone that has competed for one full academic year in any of the UTSA varsity sports that is or was sponsored by UTSA Athletics, which also includes spirit squads, team manager, athletic trainers and former coaches.
  8. Where can I find more information on the challenge?
     You can contact Victor Yates at 210-458-6333 or at with any questions relating to the challenge.